We have a new podcast series coming soon.

It will feature ideas from around the globe on how to improve elections around the globe.

Listen to the trailer and then follow new episodes by searching ‘how to improve elections’ on Spotify, Amazon Music and other outlets.

Episode 4: Votes for mental health care users How to improve elections

Dr Felicity Marcus and Dr. Yvette Nel (Tara Hospital and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa) make the case for voting rights of mental health care users, explaining how they are often denied in South Africa and many other countries.  Interview by Toby James (UEA).
  1. Episode 4: Votes for mental health care users
  2. Episode 3: Votes for prisoners and former prisoner
  3. Episode 2: Votes at 16
  4. Episode 1: Online voter registration
  5. The trailer for ‘How to improve elections‘ from the Electoral Integrity Project

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