The Trump Administration

Special Issue of Policy Studies

Donald Trump’s Legacy and Effects

The Trump presidency has been one of the most eventful and controversial in American history, with consequences for the governance and policy of the United States and beyond. While Trump left office claiming a long list of ‘Trump Administration Accomplishments’, his time in office was also marked by a hailstorm of criticism. But beyond the sensationalist tweets and news stories, what policy effects did he bring?

This volume provides an extensive and authoritative set of studies evaluating Donald Trump’s impact on American society and beyond. It provides a new layered framework for assessing the policy impact of leaders, which can be used for understanding presidential and prime ministerial leadership more widely. Chapters then explore his impact on American democracy, congress, the supreme court, the economy, the covid pandemic, the environment, American soft power, the international system and more.

Articles will appear here upon publication in early view on a rolling basis, and ahead of the full double special issue of Policy Studies:

Introductory Framework

Societal structures

Political institutions

Domestic policy

International Policy

Conclusion: The policy effects of Donald Trump, Toby S. James.

Image credit: Blink O’fanaye