COVID-19, Natural Disasters and Elections

How natural disasters affect elections and what can be done?

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a major challenge to democracy and electoral integrity worldwide. These research papers, blogs and materials explored the nature of the impact and the responses that policy makers can take to protect electoral democracy.

Find out more on the Electoral Integrity Project website. A project funded by UKRI has developed a range of resources for academics and policy makers.


When is it democratic to postpone an election?

Read the article published in the Election Law Journal, free.

Democratic Audit Blog

Elections and Covid-19: making democracy work in uncertain times, Democratic Audit, 30th March, with Erik Asplund.

Running elections during a pandemic

New paper: ‘New developments: running elections during a pandemic.

International IDEA Technical Paper

I provided input into the International IDEA Elections and Covid-19 Technical Paper

UNDP Webinar: Election Preparations from a comparative perspective

Media Coverage


Research was quoted in Research quoted in CNN ‘How to hold elections during a pandemic’.

The Conversation

Read Should elections be postponed because of coronavirus, The Conversation, 16th March

Americas Quarterly

Research was quoted in Americas Quarterly