Comparative Electoral Management – draft chapters

Since March, I've been in Sydney, working as a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Electoral Integrity Project. While in Australia I've been presenting draft material from a forthcoming book on Comparative Electoral Management.  Having presented at ANU and Canberra over the past few weeks, this week I presented in Sydney. Two draft chapters can…Read more Comparative Electoral Management – draft chapters


2018 English Elections Poll Worker Study

Calling all electoral officials in England! Alistair Clark and I are running a survey of the 2018 local election poll workers. Email invitations have been sent directly to all Returning Officers. Please look out for the email invitations get in touch with any questions. For more info:

Electoral Modernisation in Scotland

The Scottish government published an exciting document making proposals for electoral reform in December 2017.  The Scottish Parliament recently gained new powers over the conduct of Scottish Parliamentary elections and electoral registration and already has devolved responsibility for local government elections. Earlier in 2018, I was kindly invited to speak at an event organised by…Read more Electoral Modernisation in Scotland

The Higher Education Impact Agenda and Policy Change

Many academics around the globe, driven by a desire to use their accumulated expertise to improve the world, have long sought to achieve what is now known within higher education management as ‘impact’.  A new surge of activity, however, has arguably been unleashed in some countries in recent years.  Universities and academics have been pressured…Read more The Higher Education Impact Agenda and Policy Change

Scotland eyes online voting: here are some tips from past pilots

The Scottish government published an ambitious programme for reforming elections this week, which should be carefully read by everyone interested in elections across the UK. The one aspect (among many, many, many other important ones...) to catch the press was the proposal to trial electronic voting methods, such as internet voting. Here is a quick…Read more Scotland eyes online voting: here are some tips from past pilots