Electoral Management

2248e-voterIn countries around the world, there have been major problems in the management of elections. Examples of failures of electoral management include:

Fixing Failures of Electoral Management

I am currently working on a project which identifies why problems occur in electoral management and what can be done to fix them.

This project is funded by the Nuffield Foundation and the McDougall Trust. It involves interviewing officials who manage elections to understand how the introduction of performance standards effects the functioning of elections.


  • New challenges have emerged in many established democracies that make running elections more difficult for electoral administrators (see: this paper).
  • Introducing performance standards can improve the quality of electoral management (see: this paper).
  • However, centralising electoral management can lead to some unforeseen negative consequences (see: this paper).
  • Implementing major changes, such as those to voter registration, can lead to many unintended consequences on other aspects of electoral management (see: this paper).

More findings and publications will follow.

UK Poll Worker Survey 2015

I am also currently involved with a research project with Dr. Alistair Clark (University of Newcastle) which will involve the first ever survey of poll workers in the UK.  The findings will be made available here, later in 2015.  This is funded by the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust.

Key Publications on Electoral Management:

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