It’s been a chaotic week in Parliament this week following the announcement of a proposed deal between the UK and EU for the UK’s withdrawal.  And yet we can expect much more in the weeks ahead of the Commons vote.

In advance of this, I noticed that Number Ten Downing Street is placing adverts on Twitter to promote the proposed deal.  Given that this is public money, is that ethical?  Transparent?  I ask these questions in this short blog:

The prime minister is on a mission to defend her Brexit deal. After a three-hour grilling from MPs on November 15, Theresa May came out fighting in a press conference, dismissing the idea that she would be ousted as Conservative Party leader. The next morning, she took callers’ questions about the draft Withdrawal Agreement on LBC radio.

But in between all this, I was struck by a tweet in my Twitter feed from the Number 10 Downing Street account, run by the prime minister’s office.

Read it all here:

Photo credit: pxhere

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