Since March, I’ve been in Sydney, working as a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Electoral Integrity Project.

While in Australia I’ve been presenting draft material from a forthcoming book on Comparative Electoral Management.  Having presented at ANU and Canberra over the past few weeks, this week I presented in Sydney.

Two draft chapters can be now downloaded.  I’m working on finishing of the manuscript so all comments are very welcome!

My thanks to Pippa Norris, all of the Electoral Integrity Team and the other EIP Fellows for their hospitality and discussions during my time in Sydney.  I’ve learnt a lot to take back home UEA!

3 thoughts on “Comparative Electoral Management – draft chapters

  1. My favourite part:

    “Most bizarrely, in the small village of Wallsburg, Utah, part-time election
    officials forgot to the run the election. Twice. First in 2011, and then again in 2013. To the hilarity of
    the US media, County Clerk Brent Titcomb said local officials in the sleepy hamlet of approximately
    300 residents, had forgotten to advertise for candidates”

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