Electoral management in the Scottish independence referendum: a new blog post

A_National_Conversation_launch (1)The Scottish independence referendum took place yesterday.  Thankfully, it seems that this was not one poling day which suffered from problems with electoral management.  I’ve written a blog post that explains more on Eastminster and the Democratic Audit.

Scotland has voted no in the referendum. National soul searching, political repercussions and significant constitutional reform may (or may not) follow, and will be the focus of attention in days, weeks, months and years to come.

But consider for a moment the story that did not break on the night of the referendum: problems with the conduct of the poll. This was because there was no story to report: it seems as if the poll was well managed and run.

This sounds unremarkable, after all, our assumption is usually that election officials should be able to conduct and run a poll without any problems. But rewind back to the 2010 general election and recall the scenes of chaos on the night as voters were ‘locked out’ of polling stations and denied their right to vote…..[continue reading on Eastminster and the Democratic Audit]

You might also be interested in Alistair Clark’s post on the Political Studies Association blog.

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