The Boston Building Better Elections Workshop

Last week, I was one of the co-chairs (with Holly Ann Garnett) of the conference on '“Building Better Elections: New Challenges in Electoral Management', held at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA, last week. The workshop considered how elections could be better run during times when electoral officials face major new challenges…Read more The Boston Building Better Elections Workshop

Voter ID: our first results suggest local election pilot was unnecessary and ineffective

The UK government introduced pilots for voter ID at the recent 2018 English local elections.  There is an ongoing debate about the need for voter ID in Britain.  In a  study of electoral integrity at English local elections Alistair Clark and I undertook a poll worker survey - a well established tool to work how…Read more Voter ID: our first results suggest local election pilot was unnecessary and ineffective

Comparative Electoral Management – draft chapters

Since March, I've been in Sydney, working as a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Electoral Integrity Project. While in Australia I've been presenting draft material from a forthcoming book on Comparative Electoral Management.  Having presented at ANU and Canberra over the past few weeks, this week I presented in Sydney. Two draft chapters can…Read more Comparative Electoral Management – draft chapters

Electoral Modernisation in Scotland

The Scottish government published an exciting document making proposals for electoral reform in December 2017.  The Scottish Parliament recently gained new powers over the conduct of Scottish Parliamentary elections and electoral registration and already has devolved responsibility for local government elections. Earlier in 2018, I was kindly invited to speak at an event organised by…Read more Electoral Modernisation in Scotland