UK electoral governance: a critical overview

Last month I spoke at the prestigious Korean Civic Institute for Democracy in Seoul as part of their annual International Symposium on Civic Education.  I presented a paper which gave a critical overview of the UK's increasingly complex system of electoral governance. Electoral Governance and the Quality of Democracy in the United Kingdom Comments on the…Read more UK electoral governance: a critical overview


Centralising electoral management

I gave a paper at the Political Studies Association Annual Conference in Manchester last week.  The paper was on the effects of centralising electoral management.  You can download the paper here.  The paper argued: Concerns about the quality of electoral management have been raised in many established democracies. The centralisation of electoral management has often been proposed to…Read more Centralising electoral management

Why are failures of electoral management everywhere?

Examples of errors and incompetence in the organisation of elections can now be readily found in many democracies around the world.  Consider:In the UK 2010 general election, a number of polling stations run out of ballot papers or had queues which meant that citizens were unable to cast their vote.A recent report on the running…Read more Why are failures of electoral management everywhere?