Policy Studies is a long-standing journal concerned with public policy and governance.  Like the real world that it studies, the journal itself has undergone many changes since it was launched. From October 2020, I have the great honour of serving as the editor-in-chief.

New papers and special issue proposals are encouraged.

The journal has revised aims and will now consider papers relating to public policy more broadly. An inter-disciplinary approach is very welcome.

It also has a new international editorial board:

Nana Akua Anyidoho – University of Ghana, Ghana 
Rossana Castiglioni – Universidad Diego Portales, Chile 
Chu May – Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 
Sara Connolly – University of East Anglia, UK 
Patrick Dunleavy – London School of Economics, UK 
Alan Finlayson – University of East Anglia, UK 
Rachel M. Gisselquist – United Nations University, Finland 
Hussein Kassim – University of East Anglia, UK 
Robert Krimmer – University of Tartu, Estonia 
Patrick Le Galès – Sciences Po, France 
Kate Mattocks – University of East Anglia, UK 
M. Jae Moon – Yonsei University, South Korea 
Pippa Norris – Harvard University, USA 
Christopher Pepin-Neff – Sydney University, Australia 
M. Ramesh – National University of Singapore, Singapore 
Farhana Sultana – Syracuse University, USA 
Diane Stone – European University Institute, Italy 
Paul ‘t Hart – University of Utrecht, Netherlands 
Kathleen Thelen – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 
Giuseppe Veltri – University of Trento, Italy 
Ariadne Vromen – Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, Australia 
Li Zhang – Tsinghua University, China 

You can read the draft editorial here (comments welcome!)

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