UK Parliamentarians endorse voter registration reforms

APPG James BtB report 2015Last month, Bite the Ballot and I presented a draft report to the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Democratic Participation.  The report pointed out, at a time when millions are missing from the electoral register, what can be done to bring about a more inclusive electoral register.

The APPG has now published a final version of this report.  It clearly sets out 25 measures that can be introduced.  It is also a call to action for politicians, civil society groups and local authorities.

The issue is especially pressing as we enter the final stages of the campaign for the Brexit referendum.

APPG James RennardA report on the 2014 registers by the Electoral Commission suggested that 7.5 million people could be missing.   Our analysis, is that roughly 3 million of the ‘missing millions’ are from the 18 to 30 age group.  This was before individual electoral registration was introduced, which my recent survey suggested has negatively affected completeness further and also had many unintended effects on electoral services.  All the findings are in the report.

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