How to improve electoral management

logoInternational IDEA and the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network have just published my case study on how to improve electoral management.

The article from my research on the use of performance standards in the UK.  It suggests that many electoral practitioners worldwide should consider using a similar scheme to improve the conduct of elections

Both established and emerging democracies often struggle to run elections smoothly.  Common problems with electoral management include low levels of electoral registration, miscounts, lost ballot papers and delays in the announcement of results.  A cause in some circumstances is the poor performance of electoral officials.  Officials managing the local implementation of elections, for example, might not have followed the guidance that their supervisors or international donors have provided or they might have not undertaken sufficient planning for an election.  Equally, systems might not be in place for electoral officials to share ideas for best practice between themselves so that they can improve their efficiency and the quality of delivery.

Fortunately, there have been many developments in the tools that governments have used to increase the monitoring and performance of public sector workers…..

Read the full article here

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