Who were the most successful British political party leaders since 1900?

BnLh6OyCUAACi6fWho were the most successful British political party leaders since 1900?

I have written a post for Left Foot Forward about a collaborative University of East Anglia-Queen Mary University of London project which involves evaluating the British Labour and Conservative Party Leaders.  The post is by Charles Clarke and myself in the run up to our Labour Leaders conference.

The current political situation clearly shows the significance of high quality political leadership. The stakes are immensely high and everyone knows it.

Two seminars later this year, one for Labour and one for the Conservatives, will address the subject by analysing the success or failure of political leaders over the last 100 years.

We start with the presumption that the skills of political leadership do matter. A party leader without the communication skills to present their vision will never be taken seriously. A leader who fails to end internal divisions could leave their party out of power for a generation. A leader who makes key strategic errors could see the national interest diverted or damaged….

Read the rest here.

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